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Growing up in Oregon, I constantly heard wise words from my mother like "lets recycle that," "you can walk," "don't use too much water," "whole wheat is better than white," "no dessert if you don't eat your vegetables," "dark lettuce is better for you than light," "paper over plastic," "don't leave anything behind" and so much more. Her healthy ways got me into many sports and helped turn me into a record-setting track athlete. In 2006, my mother lost a 3 year battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease; something nobody would have ever expected. That was right around the time I joined the Surfrider Foundation in San Diego and had my first child, whom she never met. Now 10 years have passed since losing my mother, yet volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation, and becoming a mother, I've noticed her words have come through clearer than ever. In addition to personal training and triathlon coaching, I have done some blogging to help our planet, and improve lives. I hope you enjoy my content, and join me in my journey for a cleaner planet and promoting happier, healthier lives!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

DIY Crafts and Skincare

Oh, it's been a while, only because I've got big ideas and little time.  So, trying to condense a few here, and will share fun stuff when I get to them individually.  What's coming; LOTS of ideas on making gifts and beauty products from home, while saving the planet and your health in the process.  Why buy something if you can make it for less?  It's not just about making, or creating new things, but using what you have, spending less, and creating less waste.  There are hundreds of items we throw away on a daily basis without realizing they may be able to create something we're planning to buy.  Take gifts or skincare products for example.  Why buy a gift if you can create something more meaningful?  And skin products; why buy something filled with toxins when you can make something comparable with natural ingredients from home?  An added benefit, you know you won't be buying something tested on animals.  I'll start with a few ideas here, but will surely add plenty more through this blog as I LOVE to save money and create with what I have.

Before I start on projects, here are some items you may consider saving for specific things:
-Babyfood jars: for Natural home-made skincare or for storing small items like pins, paperclips,  rubberbands, hair clips, bobby pins, twisters, beads, and shells
-Spaghetti or salsa jars: snack jars, fun candles, flower vases, flower pot
-Fabric scraps: book covers, bookmarks, quilts, party streamers, Halloween costumes
-Broken crayons: melt and pour into molds
-Wood chunks: sanding blocks, door stops, wall signs, small shelves
-Toothbrush: cleaning tool or to splatter paint on a painting
-Old tablecloths: cloth for kids to paint on
-Paper scraps: homemade cards, signs

It'll take me a while to get through this stuff, so please send your requests, and I'll get on it. ;)