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Growing up in Oregon, I constantly heard wise words from my mother like "lets recycle that," "you can walk," "don't use too much water," "whole wheat is better than white," "no dessert if you don't eat your vegetables," "dark lettuce is better for you than light," "paper over plastic," "don't leave anything behind" and so much more. Her healthy ways got me into many sports and helped turn me into a record-setting track athlete. In 2006, my mother lost a 3 year battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease; something nobody would have ever expected. That was right around the time I joined the Surfrider Foundation in San Diego and had my first child, whom she never met. Now 10 years have passed since losing my mother, yet volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation, and becoming a mother, I've noticed her words have come through clearer than ever. In addition to personal training and triathlon coaching, I have done some blogging to help our planet, and improve lives. I hope you enjoy my content, and join me in my journey for a cleaner planet and promoting happier, healthier lives!

Friday, October 3, 2014


That's right, the title's no joke.  Though it's not actually from me, and you're going to have to do a little help for the environment. ;)  The Surfrider Foundation is giving away a Firewire Surfboard to whoever can make the best art from plastic discarded along our coastline, or anything which could end up there.  (This means no cheating by using your household supplies.  Gotta pick up some waste.)  Our kids are SO excited about this, they're hoping to find enough plastic bottles to build a boat.  Ha, not sure we'll have enough time for that, but we've already picked up some, and will certainly make something.  Here's the link with the full details: